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About The Show

It’s always more fun to watch TV with friends!

At least that’s what we think. “Shredded Serial” is our attempt to create a fun, engaging commentary track for you to listen along with as you watch your (and our) favorite TV shows.

The way it works is simple. Our crack team of TV experts pick 5 episodes that stand out as the best, or most significant in a series, as well as the 5 that are the strangest, worst, or just plain silliest.

You hit “play” at the same time as we do, and watch right along with us*. We’re not attempting to provide in-depth analysis of a series. We’re not trying to be profound. Our conversations are organic and could go anywhere!

So sit back, log in, turn up, and come hang out with us!


*All cast are viewing on To ensure that playback syncs up properly, it is recommended that listeners do the same.