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IMG_0262Scott Tofte – Scott resides in Brooklyn, New York. His favorite shows range from quirky comedies from the 80’s and 90’s (Doogie Howser M.D., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Saved By The Bell), to scifi/fantasy standards (Buffy, Star Trek, Firefly), to shows like The West Wing, Family Guy, and Community. He is a musician, artist, and pop-culture enthusiast.

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chrisIVChris O’Connor – Chris dwells in the DC metro area. He favors heavily serialized genre drama, beginning in his youth with DS9, Buffy and Angel on through to Lost, BSG & Game of Thrones. Other favorites include such heavies as Deadwood, Dexter, Rome and Mad Men, but he enjoys silly things like Community, Adventure Time and The Venture Brothers as well. Guilty pleasures he has trouble admitting to include Spartacus, Friends and Smallville. Chris is a martial artist, photographer, lapsed guitarist, artist and maker of functional-if-not-fine weapons.

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rachelRachel Gatlin – Rachel lives outside of the great city of Philadelphia. She loves classic TV shows like Buffy, The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, The Simpsons, the first 2 seasons of Heroes and 80’s movies (Heathers anyone?). Her current TV obsessions are The Borgias, Homeland,  Mad Men, The Venture Brothers and Game of Thrones. A lover of classic Nintendo, Rachel has saved the Princess Zelda quite a few times and is pretty good at Bubble Bobble. She also loves to crochet, paint, bake, and read.

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